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Daniel Turner

Daniel is a history geek who has written about all periods of history during his student days from Tokugawa Japan to the American revolution to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As an illustrator and writer he combines history with a fun and intriguing graphical style. Now he presents a book series for children who have a curiosity about the world around them and its rich past, in the form of his new series ‘Simple History’.


Aaron potterbio

Aaron Potter

Hello I’m Aaron and like most other people you’ll find on this website I love writing about history, so much that I chose to study it in my home city of Bristol. Whether it’s the super secret tactics of Bletchley Park’s ULTRA during the WWII Blitz or Ireland’s troubled past in not having enough potatoes during the 1840’s, I love finding out what made the important people of history tick. There are is only one past but many histories, and it’s in researching these histories which gets me pumped as I discover a possible untold story.

When I’m not trudging through archives or writing about the past, you can find me sharing my thoughts about all things gaming related at and critiquing movies and movie news on my weekly podcast


Kitty Gibson

Kitty is a 21 year old, recent university graduate.She has a keen interest in the war periods of the 20th century. She is looking forward to spending time travelling to New York, Berlin (and other parts of Europe) as well as possibly Australia in the near future. Her interests lie in writing, marketing and reading and a bit of horse riding on the side.


Emma Cundellbio

Emma Cundell

Teacher, history enthusiast and lover of biscuits.
Especially interested in: America in the 1950s, Germany in the 20th century and the Tudors.



NiallDoonanbioNiall Doonan

Hi, my name is Niall. I’ve been fascinated by history since I was very young and I loved my history lessons at school. I know how important it is to make history accessible and interesting for all ages. I like to surround myself with ideas and learning. I studied English Literature at university and I’ve worked as an English teacher in Hong Kong. Reading, writing and running make me happy.


Ben WynesbioBen Wynes

I am currently studying for a PhD in History, a subject I am fascinated by. My main interests include the Second World War and Communism, especially in Russia and the former Yugoslavia.


Florence Belbin

Nicole Ridley


Daniel Turner

Celia Hidalgo

Julian Beresford

Tolu Lope

Tolu AshirubioHi, my name is Tolu and I am an Illustrator and Graphic Designer at I love creating artwork that has a story and an inspiring message. When I’m not being creative, I spend my time singing, trying to play the guitar, making and eating pancakes and jumping on trampolines with lovely children who have special needs.


Patrick Høiseth

Hon-Choung Hou

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