Amber Gregg reviews:

A Simple Guide to World War 1 | Daniel Turner

This book is perfect for children or history-illiterate people like me. It was simple and easy to understand, plus the illustrations made it more interesting (I think all history is incredibly boring).
Now this is written by a British author, so it’s definitely a different perspective on the war than what I am used to. Obviously, in the United States schools, we learn primarily about what our role was in the war. Like I mentioned before, I am not great with history, so I can’t verify the accuracy of the facts in the book. My only complaint is with the text. It was hard to read some of it over the images.  …

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Buried in books reviews:

Centennary Edition- Simple History- A Simple Guide to World War I by Daniel Turner

This isn’t a book I typically read, but it’s Middle Grade and the pictures were so tempting I just couldn’t resist. As an American, my knowledge of the war- WWI- is limited to a chapter in a book in high school starting with when the USA entered the war…

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This weeks Showcase is about Up and coming Author Daniel Turner Author of Simple History.

I had a chance to talk with him and ask him a few questions and here is what he had to say.


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