Joseph Stalin (USSR) – Cold war – (1878-1953)

In the aftermath following the Second World War, Stalin’s main aims for the Soviet Union were to rebuild the damages made to both their economy and power. Soviet power had diminished within the territories that the German’s had occupied during their conquest and there needed to be a way to recoup this presence.

During the Cold War, Stalin distrusted America and its Allies greatly, creating communist governments in Eastern Europe as a way to buffer against future western aggression. The success of this tactic was seen in the establishment of a belt of friendly governments which bordered the USSR.

One positive factor Stalin had following World War Two was the fact that Soviet forces remained in the Eastern and Central European countries they had liberated. This allowed for the implementation of communist puppet regimes in these countries, Churchill described this region as being behind an “Iron Curtain” of control from Moscow. Presence in these countries was crucial for Stalin to succeed in spreading his “sphere of influence”.

As well as spreading the USSR’s version of communism, Stalin was aware that China had recently undergone a communist revolution of their own under their leader Chairman Mao Tse Tung. This uneasy alliance resulted in the Sino-Soviet treaty of 1950 and was hoped to increase communism’s popularity. Three years later, Stalin’s health began to deteriorate rapidly, eventually passing away whilst Korean War negations were still on going.

Aaron Potter

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